About Me

     I started my healing journey in my late teenager's years and when I discovered yoga in 2001 I “fell in love with it”. It was the beginning of an outer and inner journey that is still unfolding.

     2 years later after having completed the Sivananda teacher training and teaching for few months I was on my way to Mysore to study at the time Asthanga yoga and meditation… I thought I would be back 2 months later. That was only the beginning of many years of travelling and studying different traditions, healing practices, spiritual approaches, with different yoga teachers and healers/shamans…

     I have studied with some of the best teachers either in Europe while living in London, or in my travels. Among some of them are The Jivamukti, Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Sarah Powers, Erich Shifmann, Cindy Lee, and most recently and now mostly influenced by Adyashanti (meditation), Sarah Lo, Ana Forrest and Jason Crandell. My classes mix a variety of styles according to what is needed in the moment and as a long-time student said once: I never had a single same class during all these years. London has been for a long time my main home in between travels but I have also taught in Thailand, Bali, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica.


     I teach more and more yin classes where I find that the real essence of yoga is: a slow, passive practice that allows us to dive into the silence and stillness where everything comes from, allowing us to reconnect to what we truly are.

     I started studying massage more or less at the same time of yoga and after completing a Swedish massage course went on many other courses only to want to learn more. I like to, during the first appointment, take a case study and see with you what you need and what we can do together. I am getting more and more interested in the abdominal massage techniques (a mix between the arvigo, chi nei stang, abdominal sacral fertility work and more recently the Mercier technique) for my own personal journey and yours and as a way to help people reconnect with their second brain!

     Metaphysical coaching is another line of work I am passionate about. Together we work on finding the root causes of dis-ease or impasses, and improve the quality of one’s life.


     Over the last few years I have also explored more of the feminine and the heart qualities of cacao medicine, bringing them together through women’s circles and other events.

I am looking forward meeting you and helping you along the path as many others have done with me before and still now.