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To Feel Is To Heal!

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Metaphysical Healing is exactly that, a healing modality which deals essentially with emotions and instincts as its main components.

I started being interested in the connection between body/mind/spirit (these days when I write this I have a difficult time understanding how I couldn’t see the connection between these 3 but we will come to that) more than 25 years ago.

If I am very honest even longer as in my late teenager’s years, I started having issues around my body, food, digestive system and menstrual issues. Obviously, everything is related, and it took many years and detours to see that, feel into it and for most of it heal. My father also who nearly died 21 years ago was the perfect example on how holding on your emotions can create disease. His passing prompted me into reading more books on the subject, studying different modalities and today I feel it is time I follow this calling.

Chances are if you have been in a yoga class with me or received a massage, I have suggested many times: listen to the body, feel into it. This is challenging as we are in a culture that values mental activity over feelings, productivity over being and the list goes on. I have myself difficulties following everything I am even teaching or sharing (Have you ever suffered from the fraud complex !?)

Your body is always talking to you. Symptoms, illnesses are the way it communicates with us that something is not going well in our life, whether it is a relationships, a place you live in, a job you have, a life balance that is not present, a trauma that happened a long time. I understand we have commitments and obligations and sometimes it is not as easy as it might sound to leave the relationships, move to a new country, and change job. Or maybe it is…

Years ago, I held a session for a woman from Mexico who moved to the US at a young age. Her main concern with the session was to address overeating. We did 2 sessions. After the first one she expressed having less cravings for junk food and feeling better about herself. The second session allowed us to dive deeper…what came up was not a problem with food but a trauma that happened when her family crossed over from Mexico to the US. We connected with the emotions she felt at the time, the physical reactions and we did the healing. In Metaphysical Anatomy we do not have to relive the trauma which very often re-traumatized us but we access the feelings and physical reactions felt in the moment so that we can move on and hope to live a more aligned life. She let me know how she felt after the second session 7 days later which is the time of the integration process and had not felt the need to overcompensate her feelings with food. She described being lighter on all levels after many years of carrying this pain.

It might seem controversial with the idea that healing requires years of therapy, but healing can be instant if both the therapist and the person consulting commit themselves to the process.

Now there is another point to precise. Healing does not always mean curing. It refers more to a place of wholeness, a sense of being in acceptance of what is. Sometimes we might still have the disease but know this is part of our journey; and at times physical symptoms can completely go away.

I am simply passionate on how this body is always trying to communicate with us. There is an intelligence within us which always wants to be in a state of homeostasis. I am committed to support people from all directions to find meaning in their lives. I am also extremely passionate about women’s work and women who are trying to get pregnant…A Mat session could help by underling the causes behind this. I had a client years ago who hated her belly, had never allowed anyone to see it. We talked before the abdominal massage I was going to give her that day to help balance hormones and prepare the womb space. We did a lot of work on being with what it would feel like to accept her belly which was soon to become the house of her baby. After a couple of sessions this woman became pregnant, started accepting herself more and is now a happy mum.

There is also so much we carry from our childhood, from our first care takers and ancestors. Wouldn’t it be nice and empowering to acknowledge that possibility, feel it and move on? This is the best gift you can give humanity, free yourself and become the best version of yourself. In Metaphysical Healing there is a session which can be a treatment itself when we do womb healing, taking you back to being the foetus and much more…powerful and transformative. I do believe that many women I have seen in my years of giving fertility massages are holding on unconscious fears, beliefs, and old traumas which prevent them from becoming the mother that they dream themselves to be. My intention is to offer sessions to these women so they can prepare themselves by investigating first their emotions rather than going through more invasive procedures.

As I heard many years ago from Candace Pert a neuroscientist who explores the connection mind body “Your history becomes your biology” …or maybe it was Bruce Lipton or Greg Braden? These three are just amazing anyway and worth checking in! If you are still not convinced that your body and emotions are related then I would highly suggest you read the book of Gabor Mate “When the body says no”…a book written by a doctor who made sense of what he would see in his practice. His work is valuable, and I have benefited from his short online course on compassionate listening.

So, if you are ready to shift, to become the person who is inside you, waiting patiently to express her/his gifts, give it a trial. You deserve it and your healing contributes to the healing of this planet which so desperately needs you.

PS: as a side note I want to say that I am not against doctors who do amazing jobs or any form of therapy (which I have benefited from). I just wanted to share the fact that there were other modalities out there and this universe being abundant there is something for everyone.

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