Where do I teach?

Updated: May 16

From my studio to your studio on Zoom (Links change every month, please subscribe to receive them)

*Tuesdays at 11h45am, a 60mins Yin/Yang Practice (£6)*

*Thursdays at 6h30pm, a 60 mins Flow and a bit of Yin Practice (£6)*

*Saturdays at 9h30am, a 60 mins Slow Flow Practice (£6)*

*Sundays at 6pm, a 75 mins Yin Practice (£7)*


Where else?


1pm at majestic, a 45mins Yin practice


9h15am  at evolve, a 75mns Flow practice streamed.


 7h30am in Triyoga Ealing, a 60mns Vinyasa practice, live and streamed.

12h15pm, in Triyoga Ealing, a Yin practice, live and streamed.

6h15pm, a Yin/Yang Practice at Bhuti, live and streamed.


6h30pm, a Yin Practice at Triyoga Chelsea, live and streamed


11h30am, a 60mns Flow practice, online, Bhuti.

12h45pm, a 60mns Yin Practice, online, Bhuti.



Recommended by Sarah Lo, Senior teacher in Yin Yoga: https://www.sarahlo.co.uk/classes/

evolve: https://www.evolvewellnesscentre.com/

Triyoga: https://triyoga.co.uk/

Bhuti: https://bhuti.co/

Majestic: https://majesticfitness.co.uk/

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