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Yoga & Cacao

Yoga is more than just postures done in a class. I always remember hearing early on that once you start practicing yoga you never walk on the earth the same way. Being on the mat felt safe from the first time, rolling my mat out  over the years has allowed me to check in with myself daily; it is my own sacred time.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." ― The Bhagavad Gita

I feel blessed; yoga took me all over the world to now travel more and more in.

Movement is essential to our well-being and something magical happens on the mat each time I practice. I still can't put my finger on it but each time I step on the mat something unfolds!


Yoga is my teacher.

From flow classes to more yin approaches you can find me teaching around West London at different studios: The Life Centre, Bhuti,  Triyoga. I am also available for corporate and private sessions.

I hold regular events,  celebrating solstices, equinoxes & the moon in her different phases, bringing shamanic elements, cacao medicine and sound healing. Stay in touch!​


Privates: £90 an hour

Studios : Check prices​​​​

From my studio to your studio on Zoom (Links change every month, please subscribe to receive them)


* Thursdays at 6pm, a 60 min Flow and a bit of Yin Practice (£7)*


* Saturdays at 9h30am, a 60 min Slow Flow Practice (£7)*

* Sundays at 6pm, a 75 min Yin Practice (£8)*


Where else?



9.30am at Triyoga Chelsea, a 60min flow practice, live and streamed



9.45am at The Life Centre, a 60min flow practice, live only

6pm, at 50 Hill Rise, a 75mins flow to yin practise, live only



12h15pm, at Triyoga Ealing, a 75min yin practice, live and streamed



6h30pm, a 75min yin Practice at Triyoga Chelsea, live and streamed



11h00am, a 60min flow practice, 50 Hill Rise, live only

3h30pm, a 75mins yin Practice, at the Life Center, live only





Recommended by Sarah Lo, Senior teacher in Yin Yoga:

The Life Centre:



50 Hill Rise:

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