Sandrine Giacobino

                                                         Feel, Heal, Become
Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner, Abdominal/Fertility Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Cacao Lover


Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Anatomy is a healing modality that allows the individual to live a more balanced life, to gain perspective and free oneself from old conditioning held in the subconscious mind and understand why things might not work as well as they could. MAT enables to complete   old traumas held in the cells of the body without having to re-live the trauma. The body is always talking to us through symptoms, diseases and MAT helps us listen. Are you ready?


Fertility Massage

Abdominal Massage can support women with fertility difficulties and anyone with digestive issues. Your belly is considered your second brain. You produce there up to 90 percent of the body's serotonin. Altered levels of this peripheral serotonin have been linked to diseases such as IBS, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.


Gentle Release Therapy

GRT is a form of therapy offering a light touch based on a variety of energy techniques. Bringing together acupuncture points, cranio release techniques, and hands on to allow the body to find its way to health and let go of patterns, stories that can accumulate over the years as well as the wear and tears of everyday life.

A session is normally done fully clothed and leaves the person more relaxed and able to have a different perspective on what is going on in their lives.


Yoga Classes

Yoga is an ancient practice brought to the West including sets of postures, breathing exercises and spiritual practices. These days we can find different styles varying from alignment to very dynamic practice and more  passive approaches. Each class can leave you feeling more balanced and connected to your body.

My Approach

     You are  unique. And I thank you for choosing me on your healing journey.

     When you decide to work with me we first sit together to see how to address your needs to the best of my abilities. I share with you what I feel might be the best approach and we can then  decide on a treatment plan, whether we include Yoga, MAT, Massage...

     I see in each one of us the capacity to heal. Healing comes from within and I am a facilitator on your journey.

I commit myself to create a safe space where you can be, feel and become; to keep on studying so that I can be of better service to everyone, and also to my own healing so that I can come to be a clearer channel for each one of us.

We work together towards your well-being and I am glad and humbled to be part of your journey.

About me

     I have always had a  curious mind and from a young age knew that we were more than these physical bodies.

     Life in its intelligence always guides us where we are supposed to find ourselves. That quest to heal has made me travel the world to study with healers, shamans, body-workers, amazing yoga teachers and sit in many circles.

Getting Help

Here are some of the concerns I can help you with 




Women's Health


Digestive Issues


Trauma Release


Body Awareness

“I was introduced to Sandrine about 10 years ago  initially for private Yoga Practice. Since that time I’ve had many other treatments which Sandrine offers but in particular I want to thank her for introducing me to Abdominal Massage. I’ve suffered from IBS all my life and tried everything but this treatment is the only thing that has actually worked!!!I feel very lucky to have met Sandrine and deeply respect her continuing search for more knowledge and staying true. Thank you.”

Jenny, 62, London